mercredi 17 septembre 2008

Stars and Stripes

Last month, as we made a round trip in florida, we stopped at Punta Gorda and found a little Museum , the "Military Heritage & Aviation Museum" at the Fishermen's Village. We met there a very gentle Man who runs the Museum, his name is Pat. We spent an hour with him, and he introduced us to the marvels of his Museum.
At the entrance , one can see a big flag, and he explained that this flag was painted by the kids of a local school there in Punta Gorda and the children printed their hands to make blue stars and red stripes and then sent the flag to the Troups based in Irak, were probably some of their fathers had been sent. Then the Marines all proudly signed the flag and returned it to the school where it originated. (forgive my english!!) This is a real proof of Love and Faith, and now the flag is in the Musuem where it belongs for ever!
A big friendly hug to Pat who presented his fabulous drawings and caricatures. He happened to be a painter for advertising murals and billboards (we would call him a "peintre en lettres") and he is retired now. We share a common passion for billboards (I have quite a huge collection of ektachromes from all over the U.S. that I intend to present in a future bog, some were taken in Forida back 20 years ago....but it will take time to scan all slides and B&W films!!!)
I'm an architect, and I started to build 3D Us motel signs. I hope Pat will see some of them in these pages....

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