dimanche 31 août 2008

Delano Hotl, SOuth Beach,

COllins av. Little planet

Miami Art Deco District, 199&

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MIami art deco district, 1991

Waterpainting, 1991

samedi 30 août 2008

Waterpainting,, 1991

shadows in the patio

view from Washington av. South Beach 1991


waterpainting & collage, 1991

vendredi 29 août 2008

Orlando, 1991

Waterpainting and collage, newspapers, 1991

St Petersburgh, Gulf of Mexico, 1991

The Yeloow convertible,1991

collage and acrylics on cardboard, 1991

Oldies but goodies...

China Ink on newspapers, collage on wood, 1991

Skyline , Miami beach 1991

Acrylics and newspapers on wood, 1991

Ritz Plaza, Miami Beach 1991

I don't remember if the Ritz Plaza looked that way about 18 years ago, when I painted it with bright colors, but today, it's been renovated, a total makeover for a new shining, glittering life.

Postcard from St Petersburgh, Fln 199&

Don Cesar Hotel, Waterpainting, 1991

Billboard, MIami Florida, 1991

Mixed media, waterpainting and collage, 1991

Collins Avenue, waterpainting, 1991

Miami Beach, 1991

Conch House, Waterpainting 1991

Waterpainting, 1991

This waterpainting and a hundred more drawings were presented in one my exhibitions in Paris, the them was "Miami Art Deco District" as we discovered it few months ago, in 1991.
Our last trip to Florida, last month Aug. 2008, we found many changes in almost 20 years, and this blog will present our reactions, feelings we had during this very last trip.

MIami SOuth Beach, 1991

This is a waterpainting that I had done back in 1991, during our first trip to FLorida. The Art Deco District was living a total makeover, after years of fear to see this jewel abandoned to greedy investors who could have transformed the area in brand shining contemporary (or not) condominiums and Hotels. Thanks to the Prevervation Association for the Miami Art Deco District, it's today a real smashing architectural lesson for those who will forget the beaches for a while and will wander in the streets around South Beach.