mercredi 17 septembre 2008

fashion victim....

You want to be trendy this summer? No need to go to a Boot Camp to get them!!! Just wear those plastic boots, any models will fit, dotted boots, unicolored boots, striped ones, Burberry Tartan type, (no matter if the sun is shining, and the temperature is over 95° Fahrenheit, just have your feet in those things !!! I did not see any "LV" logotype but it should not be long before some Funny Designer has the idea to invent this model!!!
We spent 2 weeks in New York City, before touring in Florida last summer, and noticed that THE trend is just the same there. We saw dozens of fashionistas, brightly booted and wearing very short silken skirts!!!! quite an image!! I think I should start a business in Paris shortly and import tons of boots pobably "made in China"!!! (that's just the next Trend after the CROC wave!!)

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